Bring me back to the 90’s :(

So I’m sure that most of you all remember those hot summer days when the one song you loved was the sound of the ice-cream van!! Oh to be young again 😦 The thought came to me to write this blog when i was buying in sweets and suddenly my eyes got drawn to a bright colorful box of Zappers (My childhood sweets!) So I’m going to bring all of you back in time to relive your childhood sweets.Hope you enjoy and don’t forget to comment 🙂0000506_570 image pppayne2003 push-pop-01 ringpops zappersbarratt-kola-frosties-27g


Spice up your party’s!!

So here at Millie Moo’s Candy Shop I want every occasion to be a special one for all our customers.I want to share some of my ideas with you to try and “sweeten” the day up 

  • The Wedding Day : This idea is my absolute favorite one which is why it had to be top of the list.I started offering sweet stands at wedding’s when i was in an antique shop and saw this gorgeous antique cart there and i knew exactly what i wanted it for.It was our most popular party accessory!Its vintage and whats best you can get  sweets to match your color scheme   It goes down a “treat” with the children and the adults.


  • Children s Party’s: With Children running everywhere, bouncing on everything and pulling down everything in sight you would have to have eyes in the back of your head ,ears and everywhere.We want to give you a break and to relax so we love out Ice-cream parlor for children.Granted its more for a summer birthday but still it looks cute and the children will be too busy running up for more Ice-cream than running up the,sweets,partys
  • Halloween Party:For Halloween its important to scare all those trick or treaters but most importantly impress them!So that’s were Millie Moo’s comes in.During Halloween i always attempt to create the scariest candy.It will change your Halloween party forever too.Here is just a few samples of what we do and to give you some ideas for your scary party.kkk mkmkmj mmmm